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May 10, 2018  

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Ask Amy: Family wedding could revive family feud

(I don’t want to put any strain on him.) Or should I say nothing, go to the wedding and stay out of both parents’ way, hoping that I don’t get thrown out by the dad?! Dear Worried: It doesn’t seem to have occurred to you that this provides an opportunity for you to try to mend these family rifts. You don’t say why you aren’t speaking to your sister, but the rift with your nephew’s father was your own fault (as you admit). Have you ever apologized or tried to mend fences? You should at the very least contact “Harley’s” father, apologize for your behavior and say that with the passage of time, you hope that he has forgiven you. Note that you are honored to have been asked to the wedding and that you take this as an opportunity to be a supportive family member. Yes, you should attend, and yes, you should behave yourself. This calls for you to be low-key and cordial to everyone. Dear Amy: Recently, I attended an HD Performance of the Metropolitan Opera at my local theater. There was a five-minute change of sets between acts. The camera showed maintenance people changing the scenery.

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