A Basic Overview Of Vital Aspects In Bridal Registry

Apr 27, 2018  

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How to survive back-to-back weddings, baby showers and birthdays without going broke

“I got pretty creative, which was actually pretty fun — not necessarily just grabbing a toy off the shelf, but really thinking about those kids’ personalities,” she said. For example, she put together a sports package for her 5-year-old niece that included a soccer ball, a football and a plastic trinket that she can smash on the ground to get more toys. “It was really cool to have an active theme, and I will probably interact with her more playing with these toys than I would have if I’d gotten her something else,” said Sanchez. Erin Lowry, author of “Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together,” told Moneyish that she’s seen too many young adults go into debt for a friend or relative’s wedding. In fact, a recent survey found that age 31 is already the most expensive year of your life , since it’s when many millennials are getting married, buying homes and having kids — or celebrating their friends and family around the same age doing the same things. “You should never spend more than you can. It isn’t worth it,” said Lowry, who ran the gift-giving gauntlet with seven back-to-back weddings two years ago that ran about $3,500. Here are her tips for saving money when loved ones’ milestones threaten to wreck your finances. Plan ahead. If you know your close friends are close to getting engaged, or your sister is trying to have a baby, then start putting money aside now.

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